Demonstration Organised by the Young Communist League

Where: The Ukrainian Embassy, London, 60 Holland Park, W11 3SJ.

Click link for detailed location and directions

When: Wednesday 14/05/2014 6pm till 7pm

The YCL has called a demonstration in order to

– Condemn the recent massacre of trade-unionists in Odessa.
– Condemn the expulsion of the Communist Party of Ukraine from Parliament
– Call for the embassy staff to refuse to obey orders or diktat from the Neo-Nazi junta installed in Kiev.
– Demand Britain cuts all diplomatic ties with the junta.
– Demand an end to the assault on Ukrainian workers and progressives and that the openly Fascist, anti-democratic coup government steps down.
– Express solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine, communist youth and all anti-fascists in Ukraine.

We plan to gather outside the Ukrainian Embassy at 6pm. There will be a few speakers (to be arranged) and we will hand in a statement from the YCL embassy staff.

All anti-fascists welcome!

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