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Lend a helping hand to the League

The YCL is an independent organisation whose day-to-day activities depend upon donations from ordinary people, membership dues and the voluntary work of our members locally and nationally. We need your support.

Above all, we need more young workers and students of all kinds to join us and play their part in the struggle for a better future.

We appreciate that not everyone is in a position to join us. Some people are not yet ready, others are either too old or from outside of Britain.

But if you like our activities and our ideas, then please send us a donation.

Big or small, we thank you for your support!

You can also support us by visiting our Shop, where we have a variety of badges, stickers, t-shirts, books, and more for sale.

All proceeds go towards the League!

Build the labour and progressive movements!

If you think we would be interested in working together with you on a campaign or event, or wish to create links between your organisation and ours, please email and a member of our team will get back to you.

"What you've given us is more than money. It's friendship. When you're in a battle against an enemy so much bigger, so much stronger than you, well, to find out you had a friend you never knew existed, well, that's the best feeling in the world. So, thank you."
Dai Donovan
Pride (2014 Film)