Campaigns and events

We work together and individually in order to build a broad democratic mass movement that will transform Britain.

The YCL is a unique organisation that develops campaign work locally, nationally and even internationally on the basis of our programme Britain’s Road to Socialism, which calls for a “popular democratic anti-monopoly alliance” based in the labour and progressive movements and on the interests of the working class.

As the youth wing of the Communist Party, our campaign work has a specific focus on the interests of young workers and students in Britain.

Most of our campaign work takes place at the local and grassroots level, led by YCL Branches and members who participate in broad campaigns, trade unions, community, student, tenants and other organisations as well as street work and demonstrations.

Some recent examples of our campaign work:

  • COVID aid and campaigning to protect jobs, conditions and public health during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Joining protests in support of Black youth in the USA and UK against police violence and racism
  • Online meetings about progressive patriotism and the fight against women’s oppression
  • Supporting food banks and campaigning against food poverty and homelessness
  • Organising in trade unions and at our workplaces to promote workers’ interests
  • Public meetings, film screenings, social events and our annual summer camp
  • Campaigning in elections and to leave and stay out of the European Union
  • Creation of Communist Societies at schools, colleges and universities

Internationally, we also campaign as part of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) and the international Communist and progressive youth movements.

Follow our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest information about national and international campaigns and events, and follow our local YCL Branches to see what is happening where you are.

Ed. June 2020