YCL General Secretary’s 2022 New Year’s Address

The Young Communist League’s General Secretary, Johnnie Hunter, has released a New Year’s address to mark the beginning of 2022: The Young Communist League sends warm greetings and solidarity to the youth and working people everywhere as we begin 2022. This will be a year of difficult struggles on many fronts and we wish you […]

Statement on Remembrance Day 2021

Today Britain’s Establishment and ruling class, in a yearly ritual, have again sought to use Remembrance Sunday to stir up militarism and jingoism to a new generation. Throughout this pandemic, we have seen the same Tory government and ruling class that have allowed well over 150,000 people in our country needlessly die from COVID-19 try […]

Statement on the COP26 protest

Yesterday the Young Communist League joined thousands of protestors in opposing the sham COP26 meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. As has been noted in the national media and by many online, we were surrounded by a police line that engaged in arbitrary confrontations with us throughout the day. They opposed our right to march with no reason given to us or legal observers, clearly seeing us as a credible threat.

COP26: Socialism or Extinction

COP26 has been billed as one of the last chances to save the planet and humanity as we know it. For nearly thirty years these meetings have brought together world leaders to discuss and debate the best way forward, yet little has changed in that time.

Resist the Tory Party Conference!

Resist the Tory Party Conference!
The Central Committee of the Young Communist League has issued the following statement in the build up to this Sunday’s protest against the Tory Party Conference in Manchester.

The youth of Britain and the world oppose UK-USA-Australia nuclear aggression

The Central Committee of the Young Communist League has issued the following statement in response to the announcement of the new AUKUS nuclear aggression pact. The YCL completely opposes the reckless and aggressive actions of Boris Johnson’s Tory Government, at the command of their US puppet masters in the White House and the Pentagon, to […]

New YCL Central Committee elected

Following the Young Communist League’s historic 50th All-Britain Congress, the YCL is pleased to announce the officers of our new Central Committee.

YCL Statement on May Day 2021

The Executive Committee of the Young Communist League has released a statement to mark International Workers Day 2021. The Young Communist League sends comradely greetings to the workers and youth of the world on May Day 2021! Even in the depths of this COVID-19 pandemic, it is the struggle of working people against oppression and […]