No to UK-USA-NATO warmongering in Ukraine

The Central Committee of the Young Communist League has issued the following statement in response to the drive by the UK-USA-NATO to increase military tensions in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

YCL: The YCL celebrates the defeat of Donald Trump but warns against triumphalism

The YCL celebrates the defeat of Donald Trump but warns – the struggle is just beginning for working people in the USA and those around the world battling US imperialism. The US presidential election has finally concluded, Joe Biden, has become the President-Elect of the USA, and Trump’s pre-emptive declaration of victory is null and […]

YCL: Tory lies and negligence in face of mounting COVID-19 crisis

The Young Communist League has issued an updated statement on the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and the criminal failure of Boris Johnson’s Tory government to protect working people in Britain. YCL: Tory government’s response to Coronavirus is criminal – 13 March 2020. Communist Party of Britain statement on the COVID-19 crisis – 19 March 2020. […]

Common Announcement of Communist Youth Organisations on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Young people of the world, While thousands of people around the globe are getting the disease and unfortunately also die of COVID-19, the reality for the peoples, workers and youth is ruthless: The public health system even of some powerful capitalist countries is naked, full of deficiencies, with policies that act in favour of the […]

International Women’s Day: Assata Shakur

As part of a month long build up to International Women’s Day celebrations on the 8th of March, the YCL will be publishing daily articles highlighting the exemplary role played by women in the international communist and working class movement. Today we discuss the life of Assata Shakur, black liberation fighter and Marxist #27. YCLers […]

YCL Statement: Together Against Trump

The Young Communist League completely opposes US President Donald Trump’s visit to Britain this week. This is a position supported by workers and the youth across Britain. We call for socialists, trade unionists and young people to mobilise opposition in their communities and makes this message clear to Trump and the Tory government.