YCLers in Action in East England

January saw the first meeting of the YCL in Eastern England in 2015, the early beginnings of regenerating an active and visible YCL presence in the area. At the meeting in Colchester the district decided upon its course of action; to grow and strengthen the movement by the combined activities of recruitment and education; and identifying […]

WW1 – Opposing Imperialist Wars: Then & Now

A Young Communist League Scotland film, featuring Johnnie Hunter (YCL Scottish Organiser) & Dr Alan MacKinnon (Chair of Scottish CND). With the British Establishments attempts to turn 2014 into a celebration of the start of WW1 & portray the Great War as a noble & unavoidable conflict fought to preserve “freedom”, obvious parallels begin to […]

The Scourge of Second Homes in the South West

YCL Executive Committee and Communist Party Cornwall Branch member Owain examines second home ownership in Cornwall . Cornwall and the South West region of England has a particular problem when it comes to second home owners. The region is a popular holiday destination for tourists and people seeking to move here and whilst there is nothing […]

Electoral Gains for Japanese Communists

Japanese communists almost tripled their seats in the country’s general election on Sunday (14/12/14), which saw right-wing premier Shinzo Abe comfortably retain his overall majority. Article by Kenny Coyle, Communist Party Member and columnist on Asian politics. This article first appeared in the Morning Star 18/12/14

Imagining A Britain Without Trident

On November 31 more than 1,500 people demonstrated at the gates of Faslane Naval Base demanding that, irrespective of the outcome of Scotland’s independence referendum, Trident still has to go. Alan MacKinnon is a member of the Communist Party’s Scottish Committee and Secretary of Scottish CND. This article first featured in the Morning Star 09/12/2014

Communists: “It’s not about the deficit”

‘The coalition government’s strategy aims to increase corporate profits and enrich the rich still further – it is not primarily about the deficit or the National Debt’, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths told the party’s political committee on Wednesday evening [03/12/14]

WFDY Statement in Solidarity with the Student Movement in Mexico

Statement from the World Federation of Democratic Youth in Solidarity with the Student Movement in Mexico. The militancy of the student movement in Latin America and vocation of art has had memorable milestones that have defined an established history of popular struggles, especially those related to democratization, free and qualitative education. At any point of the […]

53rd Congress of the Communist Party

Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths on this weekend’s 53rd Congress of the Communist Party. In their Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848), Marx and Engels wrote that the Communists have no interests separate and apart from those of the working class as a whole