The Young Communist League in Britain extends our deepest and strongest solidarity to our comrades in Ukraine. We mourn the loss of comrades brutally killed by the Neo-Nazi junta in Ukraine and call for a complete end the suppression of communists and trade unionists in Ukraine. If any further evidence was needed of the fascist, anti-worker, anti-democratic nature of the dictatorship installed by the EU-US-NATO imperialist allies surely this is it. We will continue to campaign here in Britain in solidarity with communists in Ukraine and to end the intervention of our own government, the EU and the US in the country.

IMPORTANT: Any errors in  translation are accidental and we apologise. See original statement here.

Today, May 6, 2014, the bourgeois-nationalist majority of the Verkhovna Rada adopted anti-communist laws in an unprecedented decision to remove from the closed session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the full faction of the Communist Party, which was voted for three million citizens of Ukraine. A faction which strongly opposes fascism in Ukraine, for the unity of the country. A faction that consistently defends the interests of ordinary people, not the interests of oligarchic clans and crime.

After the just demands of the faction leader Petro Symonenko for an open session of the Verkhovna Rada, so that the Ukrainian people could hear firsthand who and what is killing civilians in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, other regions of the country, the people were burned alive in Odessa, the pro-fascist majority contrary to the Law of Ukraine on Parliamentary Rules, took the decision to remove the Communist deputies of the plenary hall.

The Neo-Nazi junta has unleashed a civil war in Ukraine. The Neo-Nazi junta destroys the territorial integrity of the country. The Neo-Nazi junta, contrary to the Constitution, the laws and norms of international law, threw the army and illegal paramilitary groups against civilians.

The Neo-Nazi junta headed by Turchynov, Yatseniuk Nalivaychenko, Parubiya, Koval, Avakov and others – completely guilty of hundreds of civilian casualties, they are personally responsible for the atrocities of militants and the burning alive of people in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa.

Blood on their hands, “celestial hundreds” on their hands, the blood of all those who died as a result of what has been unleashed by them and their masters in the White House and Brussels, a bloody civil conflict in Ukraine. This is the truth they are afraid of, that the truth they hide from the people behind the doors of a closed session of parliament.

The faction of the Communist Party demanded to commemorate all those killed in the fires of civil war unleashed by the regime. But was refused. It turned out that in this mode, it burned militants Odessites not sacrifice.

IMPORTANT: Any errors in  translation are accidental and we apologise. See original statement here.

The faction of the Communist Party demanded they disarm death squads formed by the regime of neo-Nazi militants, the “right sector,” the so-called “self-defense Maidan” and other extreme nationalist organizations and criminals. Communist MPs also demanded the regime immediately cease all hostilities and provocations, to negotiate and adopt a consolidated decision, signed by the leaders of all parliamentary factions, acting President and Prime Minister, leaders of regional communities and heads of local councils, which clearly define the issues and the timing of a referendum on the territorial state system of Ukraine, on the status of the Russian language and powers of territorial communities. Including regarding federalization and preservation of the unity of the country.

The Communist Party faction opposed to referring to possible provocations, which the neo-Fascist regime prepares, the vile and cynical cancelling of the celebration of Victory Day. Thus, the majority of pro-regime deputies – “Freedom”, “blow”, “Fatherland” have joined them – have made it clear that this day is for them – for neo-Nazis and neo-fascists as a bone in the throat.

The faction of the Communist Party declares in a Ukraine approved by the neo-fascist dictatorship. They have purposefully destroyed the country’s statehood. They make it who are the ones who shout the loudest about unity and patriotism! Those whose criminal and anti-state policies have led to the loss of the Crimea and threatens the “balkanization” of Ukraine.

Those who today voted to approve the removal of the Communist faction of the plenary hall of the Verkhovna Rada, for alleged separatism are the real separatists preying on oligarchic country fiefdoms and deprive Ukraine of political sovereignty and independence.

IMPORTANT: Any mistakes in the translation are accidental and we apologise. See original statement here

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