A message from The Central Committee Communist Party of Ukraine to Communist and Worker’s parties :

Dear Comrades!

Taking this opportunity to thank you for the help that, despite of the difficult conditions, you continue to provide not only for the Communist Party of Ukraine, but also for the Ukrainian people. Communist and left-wing forces are always united solidarity opposed any civil conflict, calling for peace and respect for human values.

Ukraine is now in a state of civil war, is rapidly slipping into economic disaster, into social collapse. In Ukraine, for many businesses, mainly heavy industry, automotive engineering, coal, metallurgy – completely ceased operations. The national currency has depreciated by 1.7 times. Policies pursued by the current government – does not correspond with the slogans and promises made to them earlier.

Sure that you know many of the facts of what atrocities and war crimes committed in eastern Ukraine, how ordinary people live in conditions of mass unemployment, lack of money and no hope for tomorrow. Those citizens who have the opportunity to leave the Ukraine, seeing no prospects and future. As part of the ongoing mobilization and conscription, was intended mass of citizens, many of them were sent to the war, some of them will never return alive.

In the context of this people`s tragedy, the Government of Ukraine continues to destroy any opposition. The trial of the banned Communist Party of Ukraine is a political show and farce, which arranged the current government with the full participation of nationalist and pro-fascist forces. The aim here is only one – to try to divert public attention from the real problems in Ukraine.

Already held two sitting of the court, which was a boring attempt to somehow prove the guilt of the Communist party. During these meetings, were attempts of nationalist militants to disrupt the proceedings. Breaking into the courtroom, nationalists attacked the Communist Party lawyers, threatened and insulted the judge and other officials, constantly interrupted by shouts and screams of the court sitting. To the public in Ukraine and the EU such facts have demonstrated the absence of any civilized system of justice, as well as ignoring the basic rules of process, which supposedly should comply with the EU, as Ukraine has officially committed itself to European values.

The next hearing will be held in Kiev, on September 4, 2014 at 10:00 AM.

We have quite enough power to still resist all iniquity and nationalist threat, but we ask you to continue to support the Communist party of Ukraine, we ask for your kind assistance in the creation of public opinion, as well as any other possible help and support.

We sincerely thank you for your solidarity and support.

The Central Committee
Communist Party of Ukraine

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