Stop the US and UK Funding the Murder of Civilians in Gaza and Donbass!

London YCLers and other comrades met on Tuesday (12th August) outside the US Embassy to protest US imperialism’s role in the current crises in Palestine and Ukraine. Save Gaza, save Ukraine! Get involved with the campaigns Solidarity with Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine and Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK today

US and EU Imperialism “looking for Lebensraum”

Writing in Britain’s socialist daily the Morning Star, Communist Party international secretary John Foster warns what happens when western imperialism, in the form of the EU-USA, looks East. This article first featured in the Morning Star 02/08/2014

Communist Party of Ukraine Expelled from Parliament

2.5 million people voted (about 12% of the electorate) for the Communist Party of Ukraine in 2012. Despite this democratic mandate the fascists in power have moved to ban the Communist Party, silencing the political voice of millions. Their 23 MPs have been expelled from Parliament. The Young Communist League condemns  repression, and state and […]

YCL London Recruitment Campaign

The Young Communist League launched a successful recruitment campaign in London yesterday (22nd July), with a look to future campaigning against fascism and winning young people to socialism