The People’s Assembly has called for a mass national demonstration on the 21st of June to oppose austerity and in support of an alternative. The YCL calls for a great mobilisation in support of this demonstration. We will be calling on branches and districts up and down the country to come to London for the march on Parliament.

We say yes to class unity, no to class collaboration! The People’s Assembly fights for an alternative to austerity. The alternative is SOCIALISM – march for the alternative!

March for the alternative!

On the 21st of June – mobilise against austerity!

The People’s Assembly has called a national demonstration against austerity on Saturday 21 June. Get the word out, arrange to come with your friends, other campaigners, trade union delegations and community activists. Education and health unions are called upon to make a special effort to mobilise.

The march calls for ‘No More Austerity-Demand the Alternative’ and will include a free festival. It will Assemble 1pm, BBC HQ, Portland Place, London W1 1AA for a march to Parliament.

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