Challenge: Latest Issue

Challenge : People’s Assembly June 21st Special Edition [June 2014; Volume 21; Issue 35] £1.50 + 75p P&P Challenge is the quarterly journal of the YCL – it regularly contains articles covering all the latest news and views of the YCL, developments international, articles covering important historical developments, culture, different campaigns and struggles taking place in Britain and […]

Communist Party General Secretary Call to Build the People’s Assembly

The Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths issues a rallying call to build the people’s assembly to defeat austerity and reverse the ruling class offensive. Britain is becoming one of the most unequal countries in the developed world. Multimillionaires flourish as grinning government ministers cut the ribbon to open yet another foodbank.

Communist Party Political Committee Report 11/06/2014

Speaking to the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday the 11th of June, international secretary John Foster  warned that events in Ukraine once more demonstrated the dangers of Britain’s membership of NATO.

Liverpool People’s Assembly Flourishes

Report from YCL North-West: Hundreds of people packed out the hall at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool to hear prominent members of several unions, Owen Jones and the Secretary of the People’s Assembly itself; Sam Fairbairn. People queued out of the doors and up the stairs to hear the what was to be said.

People’s Assembly National Demonstration 21st June

The People’s Assembly has called for a mass national demonstration on the 21st of June to oppose austerity and in support of an alternative. The YCL calls for a great mobilisation in support of this demonstration. We will be calling on branches and districts up and down the country to come to London for the march on Parliament. We say […]