On Saturday 15th March, unperturbed by the recent loss of two of its giants, the Labour movement in Liverpool turned out to show it’s support for the public sector which has been cut by nearly 30% in Merseyside compared to 2% in the Tory heartlands in the south.

Led by the unions Unite and Unison, the demonstration snaked its way through the streets. From the Pierhead the procession started, filling the streets with the sound of drums and ‘The Internationale’, towards the town centre stopping the traffic for several minutes.

Members of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party were present, as ever, to sell the Morning Star and keep the Red Flag flying as the thousands-strong procession congregated outside the steps of St. George’s Hall, which usually bears witness to weddings but today would witness a different kind of union.

A minute’s silence to honour the memory of strident socialists Bob Crow and Tony Benn preceded speeches, from prominent members of Unison and Unite addressed the crowd from the steps, talking of the need to defend our society from the cuts of the Tory government.

What was not mentioned was the role of EU regulations and directives as the source of many cuts and attacks on workers rights. This is because the EU is a union of the capitalist  classes of Europe which represents the European monopolies.

Not that it absolves the Eton educated Tory cabinet. They represent the British ruling class and are the local enforcers of EU neoliberalism and diktat. For anyone who thinks being anti-EU is right-wing it should be remembered the Tories were the ones who steered us into the EU in the first place.

Owain Holland
YCL North-West Organiser

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