Unite Conference Challenge Special Edition

Keep an eye out for the Unite Policy Conference 2014 Challenge special if you are a delegate or youth observer at the Conference in Liverpool next week. Make sure you get your copy!

Liverpool People’s Assembly Flourishes

Report from YCL North-West: Hundreds of people packed out the hall at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool to hear prominent members of several unions, Owen Jones and the Secretary of the People’s Assembly itself; Sam Fairbairn. People queued out of the doors and up the stairs to hear the what was to be said.

Kinder Scout Trespass Commemoration – Sponsored Fundraiser

On 27 April, the North West Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group is organising a  fundraising commemorative walk to the Kinder Pass, scene of the famous and path-breaking mass trespass in 1932.  The trespass was an act of willful defiance by the ramblers and was a watershed moment in the struggle for the rights to roam. It was […]

Liverpool Marches to Defend Public Services

On Saturday 15th March, unperturbed by the recent loss of two of its giants, the Labour movement in Liverpool turned out to show it’s support for the public sector which has been cut by nearly 30% in Merseyside compared to 2% in the Tory heartlands in the south. Led by the unions Unite and Unison, the […]

YCL Activity Rekindled in the North-West

This weekend saw the first meeting of the YCL in the north-west successfully rekindling the revolutionary flame across the beleaguered heartlands of the industrial revolution. At the meeting in Liverpool the district decided upon its course of action; to grow and strengthen the movement by the combined activities of recruitment and education. Comrades also enjoyed […]

A Rallying Call to Young Communists in the North-West!

Comrades, The YCL North-West District will be holding a meeting in order to rekindle the flame of communist activity amongst the youth in the North-West of England. The YCL seeks to build on a strong history of communist activism towards a socialist goal in Britain and urges you commit to the struggle by attending this […]