Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) on the developments in Ukraine 05/03/2013

These past months the international anti-imperialist movement has been watching closely the dangerous developments that are taking place in Ukraine and the power struggle among imperialism that has been leading the Ukrainian people down a dangerous path. In the past few days the situation has deteriorated more openly into an international crisis.

The developments starting with the so-called Maidan demonstrations against the Yanukovych government showed clearly the international elements intervening for control of the country. The European Union, NATO and the US supported openly the demonstrations against the Russia-orientated government of Ukraine as a way of controlling the developments in a country that has great geopolitical interest in the power battle between Russia and NATO-EU. The gas lines connecting Russia to Europe and the effort to strengthen NATO presence around Russia are directly connected to the current situation.

In their will to promote their political, military and financial interests, the European Union openly supported neo-Nazi and far right paramilitary groups that lead the violence during the demonstrations. Despite their efforts to present the Ukrainian demonstrations as a revolution in the name of freedom and democracy, the European Union revealed once again that imperialism, the monopolies and fascism are connected systemically. The new laws of the so-called revolutionary government which supports minority discrimination and the banning of the Communist Party in Ukraine are applauded by the EU. At the same time, the Yanukovych government cannot claim its innocence in the roots of these developments as its corruption and unpopular policies supported another part of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie and created public frustration.

These are results of the capitalist reconstruction that started in the 1990’s. The promises of a prosperous future shortly lead to hunger, unemployment, chaos, and continuous economic crises. Today the people of Ukraine are facing the results of the capitalist reconstruction in their country.

In this escalating confrontation between the Ukrainian bourgeoisie and the sides that each one has chosen, whether this is the EU-NATO or Russia, the people of Ukraine have nothing to benefit by making their country a protectorate of any power. The accusations surrounding the interventions coming especially from the EU and NATO but also from Russia are ridiculously hypocritical. The sovereignty and dignity of the people of Ukraine can be only found in the fight of the interests of the working class and the popular masses and not by their dominate class that puts them into adventures that can only bring war and misery.

At the same time the intense and undisguised intervention of EU-NATO in Ukraine caused the imitated response of Russia. The escalation of the crisis is rapidly internationalised, confirming the concerns of WFDY that repeatedly stated: the capitalist crisis in intensifying the international antagonisms of the monopolies and the threat of a small or wider scale international military conflict.

In the light of current development, the World Federation of Democratic Youth stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and their fight to stop the march of EU-NATO supported fascism in their country. At the same time we underline that the popular interests cannot be aligned with the interests of any imperialist as they serve only their monopolies. In the shadow of the forthcoming developments WFDY clearly states that the only ally of the youth is the struggle of the popular masses and the anti-imperialist movement.


Budapest, 5 March, 2014

The YCL is a member organisation of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.



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