YCL Paisley – “The Case for Communism”

Video of YCL Scotland Organiser Johnnie Hunter speaking at a YCL public meeting in Paisley on the 6th of February making the case for communism. YCL Scotland The Scottish Organiser describes how the YCL seek a revolutionary transformation of society. Britain’s communists want an end to poverty, an end to exploitation, an end to oppression […]

YCL North-West Remember the International Brigades

Sunday 09/02/2013 saw  YCL North-West  members  attending, along with members of the Communist Party,  the International Brigade Memorial Trust’s (IBMT) re-dedication of the plaque in Manchester Town Hall commemorating those who volunteered to fight Franco’s Fascism in Spain. Only a day after its reformation in the North-West, the YCL placed a wreath alongside that of […]

YCL Activity Rekindled in the North-West

This weekend saw the first meeting of the YCL in the north-west successfully rekindling the revolutionary flame across the beleaguered heartlands of the industrial revolution. At the meeting in Liverpool the district decided upon its course of action; to grow and strengthen the movement by the combined activities of recruitment and education. Comrades also enjoyed […]

No2EU: Yes to workers’ rights Gears Up for May European Elections

The No2EU campaign, which the Communist Party is a member of and which the YCL supports, is gearing up for the EU elections this coming May. It has published a a useful short pamphlet summarising its arguments with an introduction by RMT general secretary Bob Crow He writes that  25 years after then European Commission president Jacques […]

Communist Party Executive Committee Report: ‘Tories boost profits and poverty’

Speaking at the Communist Party executive committee at the weekend, vice chair Liz Payne accused the Tories of representing the interests of ever fewer big business corporations. She said they were the ‘bought and paid for creatures’ of the City of London’s financial institutions which control key enterprises and sectors of the British economy. ‘Chancellor Osborne […]

Support the Women’s Assembly Against Austerity!

Anita Wright, Secretary of the National Assembly of Women and Communist Party Executive Committee, member calls for women to attend the Women’s Assembly Against Austerity in this article from the Morning Star. The YCL welcomes this initiative as ruling class austerity is hitting women, and even more especially young women, particularly hard. Cuts in legal […]

Voices for the Miami 5

The Young Communist League and the Communist Party are supporting a major new online campaign for the Miami Five and are asking comrades, supporters of Cuban socialism and all those who believe in justice to add your voice of support to it. This Campaign has been established to build and mobilise support for the Miami […]

Communist Party in the East: Successful Political Day School and Congress

Communists and supporters in the east of England held a political day school and district congress in Cambridge on Saturday 25 January. First reported on CP website. The Political day school, attended by party activists and supporters from Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, Wymondham, Essex, Cambridge, Ipswich, Hadleigh, St Neots and Ely, was divided in to […]