Video of YCL Scotland Organiser Johnnie Hunter speaking at a YCL public meeting in Paisley on the 6th of February making the case for communism. YCL Scotland

The Scottish Organiser describes how the YCL seek a revolutionary transformation of society. Britain’s communists want an end to poverty, an end to exploitation, an end to oppression – an end to capitalism. Because all of these things – economic crisis, war, the crisis of the environment, racism and homophobia – are not merely incidental under capitalism, they are its direct product and until it is ended, they will continue.

The meeting focused on the case against capitalism, how Marx saw the creation of a communist society and the record of socialist countries and communist parties. It touches on some of the basics of Marxism and the inherent flaws of capitalism and how a different society and a new world are possible.

“Simultaneously we cannot sit on the defensive. It is up to us to expose the fundamental flaws, contradictions and problems in capitalist society and explain how socialism is the solution. As communists we argue that only the end of big business control will make it possible to resolve problems of hunger, poverty and social destitution. We advocate the planned and socially responsible use of resources as essential to save our environment from the destruction wrought by capitalism. We know that only common ownership can permit real democracy – in a world where the ‘defence of democracy’ is being used as a pretext for brutal wars of imperialist occupation.”

“Marx was, however, emphatic on the need for a party, such as the Communist Party of Britain, that was dedicated to the achievement of Communism. ‘The Communists fight for the attainment of the immediate aims, for the enforcement of the momentary interests of the working class; but in the movement of the present, they represent and take care of the future’.

Without such a party able to carry forward the lessons of one struggle to the next, the working class is condemned to repeat continually the mistakes of the past. For this reason every capitalist ruling class has, for the past century and a half, made it a prime objective to undermine and isolate Communist parties.”

 YCL Scotland

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