Communist Party Of Ukraine: How to Save Ukraine from Civil War

The following statement is from the Press Office of the Communist Party of Ukraine. The YCL expresses our solidarity with the Communist Party of the Ukraine and the Ukrainian  people. We oppose the meddling of the EU and the USA in the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation. Please see the original statement here. The […]

Communist Party General Secretary Rebukes Scapegoating Tactics of Politicians & Mass Media

Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths spoke out on BBC Radio Cymru yesterday against the use of ‘scapegoats’ by politicians and the mass media. } He criticised attacks on the unemployed, long-term sick, disabled and immigrant workers which falsely hold them responsible for unemployment, the public spending deficit, hospital waiting lists and Britain’s chronic housing […]

Communist Party Political Committee Report 22/01/2014

Communist Party vice chair Liz Payne accused the the Liberal Democrats of ‘sinking in a swamp of opportunism’ at her party’s political committee on Wednesday. / ‘They no longer defend civil liberties and they certainly don’t stand up for the rights of women in public life’, declared Ms Payne, who is also CP national women’s […]

On this day . . . 1929: Scottish NUWM Contingent Sets Off For London

The “On This Day” series is slowly but surely building up and  forming an interesting and diverse collection articles. This latest contribution is from our YCL General Secretary Zoe Hennessy and seeks to draw from the lessons of the National Unemployed Workers Movement (NUWM) in the interwar period. 85 years ago; on the morning of Wednesday, […]

Prospects For Nuclear Disarmament In Britain

Alan Mackinnon, secretary of Scottish CND & Scottish Committee member of the Communist Party, argues that the campaign to reject Trident needs to keep up the pressure both north and south of the border in 2014. This article first appeared in the Morning Star 20/01/2014. Last month a report from the House of Commons defence select committee highlighted the stark […]

No2EU Pours Scorn Over Osborne’s Empty EU Threats

Tory threats to leave the authoritarian neoliberal bloc are “hogwash”. This article first appeared as a feature in the Morning Star 16/01/2014. Chancellor George Osborne raised the prospect of Britain leaving the European Union yesterday if the 28-nation bloc fails to undertake fundamental reforms. Mr Osborne said more needed to be done to improve competitiveness, create jobs and […]

CP Cadre Schools Spring 2014

CP POLITICAL DAY SCHOOLS: Communists kick off 2014 campaigning Communists in the East of England will convene a political day school on 25th January in Cambridge. CP members and supporters from throughout the district, which stretches from Southend to Norwich will attend sessions to discuss and plan campaigns for: the No2EU Yes to Worker’s Rights […]

London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid

With the sad passing of the great Mandela it is up to the left and anti-imperialist forces to remember him as the militant freedom fighter he was, and prevent the media and right-wing politicians from white washing history. In Britain we hear the Tories talk as though Mandela was a great friend and inspiration of […]

South Sudan: Communists call for an end to violence

On 9 January 2014, the Communist Party of the State of South Sudan issued a statement declaring its position on the current situation in South Sudan. Excerpts include: The Communist party issued a statement when President Salva Keir liquidated his cabinet and sacked his deputy in 2013, in that statement we called this action as […]

YCL Condemns Fire Station Closures in London

Ten London fire stations have closed their doors for the last time as callous Tory Mayor Boris Johnson pushed through £50 million of cuts to the fire and rescue service against overwhelming public opposition. Johnson’s cuts will save each household a paltry 7 pence a week, at a cost of 552 jobs and 14 fire […]