Communist Party Scotland Statement on Scottish Independence

From Communist Party Scottish Executive Committee 4th March 2014. As agreed by Communist Party Scottish Committee. The Scottish Committee of the CPB defends the right of nations to self-determination and condemns the Coalition government for its threats of non-cooperation.  If a majority of the Scottish people vote for independence in the 2014 referendum, then their […]

Liverpool Marches to Defend Public Services

On Saturday 15th March, unperturbed by the recent loss of two of its giants, the Labour movement in Liverpool turned out to show it’s support for the public sector which has been cut by nearly 30% in Merseyside compared to 2% in the Tory heartlands in the south. Led by the unions Unite and Unison, the […]

Bob Crow: A Great Champion of the Workers

Responding to news about the death of RMT General Secretary Bob Crow, Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffiths said:  ‘The left and the labour movement have lost a great champion of workers and their families across the world. Bob was a deeply committed and principled socialist who fought as hard for the working class as […]

Statement of World Federation of Democratic Youth on the Developments in Ukraine

Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) on the developments in Ukraine 05/03/2013 These past months the international anti-imperialist movement has been watching closely the dangerous developments that are taking place in Ukraine and the power struggle among imperialism that has been leading the Ukrainian people down a dangerous path. In the past few days […]

The State of Women’s Liberation in 2014

As part of the build up to International Women’s Day celebrations on Saturday (08/03/2014) Emily Weir from YCL Edinburgh gives a sober reflection on the progress of the movement for women’s liberation and the importance of International Women’s Day in 2014. She puts paid to the idea that women have achieved equality in our era – or […]

Solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine

Robert Griffiths Communist Party General Secretary in Britain has written to the Ukrainian Communists to express solidarity and support. You can read the letter in full here: l SOLIDARITY WITH THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF UKRAINE The Communist Party of Britain expresses its solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine in its struggle to defend  the […]

Trade Union & Political Cadre School 8th & 9th March

The Communist Party Trade Union Coordinating Committee is convening a trade union and political cadre school for members and supporters meeting at Marx Library, in London, over the weekend of the 8/9 March. The YCL welcomes this event and it’s aims and would strongly encourage YCL members who are also active in the CP to […]

Ukraine: Alarm Bells Ring Out Across Europe as Fascism Rears it’s Ugly Head

The issues behind the protests that have brought Ukraine to the brink of civil war remain, writes John Foster CP International Secretary in the Morning Star. Alongside long-standing divisions in the country itself it has become a battleground for outside powers. “Ceding Ukraine to Moscow could turn into a broader undermining of Western credibility,” an […]

Communist Party Political Committee Report 20/02/2014

The decision of the Labour Party’s national executive committee to endorse the Collins report on trade union affiliation will ‘further deepen the crisis of working class political representation’, Bill Greenshields told the Communist Party political committee on Thursday (February 20). ] Most affiliated unions support the Collins proposals which will end their collective voice in […]