Young Communists in Britain reject Donald Trump’s stance towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which evokes the darkest days of US imperialism and aggression.

The DPRK’s right to pursue its own destiny as an independent and sovereign country is paramount and should be respected, while the scale of US military might in the region must not be forgotten.

Importantly, Britain’s young communists recognise the very real threat posed by US posturing, and the escalation of military capacities in the region. That the use of nuclear weapons by the US is even being mentioned is exceedingly worrying; the untold misery that the use of such weapons would entail does not bear thinking about. It should be well remembered that the only country in the history of humankind which has used nuclear weapons to ‘immolate’ millions of civilians is the USA.

There are no limits on the lengths imperialism will go to in order to realise its plans, as shown in Syria, Libya, Vietnam, Chile and countless others, and the annexation of North Korea into its sphere of influence remains one of the foremost long-term priorities for the US and other imperialist powers.

While much attention is given to the DPRK’s supposed ‘aggressive’ nature, and more specifically Kim Jong Un’s ‘volatility’, the capitalist media fails to recognise that North Korea’s actions are aimed at countering US aggression in one of the most militarised parts of the world. The DPRK’s very right to exist is being threatened by imperialism.

When the supposed threat posed to Guam by North Korea is mentioned, it is seldom acknowledged that the people of Guam live under a military occupation, and that the territory serves as a large-scale military base for the US, with ports for nuclear submarines, and as a launch-pad for incursions into Chinese airspace and the Korean Peninsula. With at least 6,000 permanent military personnel, all drilled not to defend Guam but to target its force towards the DPRK, China and even Russia, the attempt to portray Guam as a poor defenceless US territory to be defended from the tyrannical Kim Jong-Un is risible. It is extremely clear where the real military and nuclear threat comes from.

Efforts by China towards the de-escalation of threats and the resolution of this US-incited conflict are likely to be paramount and should be supported by all.

Executive Committee

Young Communist League

London, 16 August 2017

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