YCL Statement in solidarity with the peoples of Western Sahara

The Young Communist League has issued a statement in solidarity of the peoples of Western Sahara. With Trump’s presidency coming to an end, the reactionary elements in the US and Arab world have sought to cement a circumstance of chaos and division. The two-prongs of Trump’s new deal with Morocco is not only a direct […]

YCL: The YCL celebrates the defeat of Donald Trump but warns against triumphalism

The YCL celebrates the defeat of Donald Trump but warns – the struggle is just beginning for working people in the USA and those around the world battling US imperialism. The US presidential election has finally concluded, Joe Biden, has become the President-Elect of the USA, and Trump’s pre-emptive declaration of victory is null and […]

Join the YCL!

Throughout September 2019 the Young Communist League is conducting a National Recruitment Month. We are calling on young workers and students across Britain to join us and join the struggle against, austerity, imperialism and war – to join the struggle for socialism in our lifetime. Over the next 30 days we’ll be giving you thirty […]

YCL Statement: Together Against Trump

The Young Communist League completely opposes US President Donald Trump’s visit to Britain this week. This is a position supported by workers and the youth across Britain. We call for socialists, trade unionists and young people to mobilise opposition in their communities and makes this message clear to Trump and the Tory government.