The Communist Party of Britain and the Young Communist League welcome the release of the three remaining Miami Five prisoners unjustly held by the United States for the past sixteen years.

This act demonstrates the effectiveness of the world-wide campaign for their release and the efforts of the Cuban government, with the assistance of Pope Francis, to restore diplomatic relations with the US.  At the same time the illegal US trade embargo against Cuba continues. Despite repeated condemnation by the United Nations, this penalises all countries and organisastions that seek to trade with Cuba.

We also note and condemn the Bill passed by the US Congress this week placing new sanctions on Venezuela in addition to those imposed earlier in the year.  Like the trade blockade on Cuba, these sanctions seek use economic warfare against people – in this case worsening the already serious impact of the fall in oil prices on Venezuela’s main export.  We call on the British government to oppose these sanctions and to step up the demand for an end to the US trade embargo on Cuba.

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