Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) on 65 years of NATO.

65 years ago, on the 4th of April of 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization started its murderous course in history; a history full of wars, dictatorships, assassinations, invasions and occupations. NATO has been the greatest military tool of imperialism in the past 65 years, directly and indirectly connected with the biggest crimes against the peoples of the world that took place in all those years. The anniversary of its creation is another reminder of the importance of the struggle for peace and the need to dissolve NATO and the other imperialist organizations.

NATO was created as a military tool for imposing imperialist plans around the globe. It’s existence has lead to military growth internationally and it expands its military presence everywhere, with its affiliations and partnerships. After the overthrowing of the Soviet Union, which was being used as the pretext for NATOs existence, its role continued to grow in policing the world for the interests of the monopolies. NATO’s history is directly connected with wars, interventions, occupations, coup d’ etats, dictatorships, advancing weaponry and nuclear growth etc. Over the past 20 years its role has been upgraded in directly demonstrating its military strength, most importantly with: the bombing of Yugoslavia 15 years ago, and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Its new strategies include an increasing and more open association of NATO military planning with economic and energy developments in the World.

As NATO is working as the military branch of the monopolistic interests, it is the duty of the anti-imperialist youth movement to strengthen its struggle for the dissolution of NATO, a goal truly important in the greater framework of the anti-imperialist struggle. It is the duty of our generation to strengthen the national and international struggle to put an end to NATO and the other imperialist organizations.

For 65 years WFDY has incorporated in its goals the struggle against NATO. The road of peace and friendship of the peoples of the world will only open if we demolish the tools of imperialism. Our struggle is long and difficult, but against the international murderous alliances of imperialism we put forward the internationalist solidarity of the peoples! NATO will dissolve, imperialism will be overthrown.


The YCL is a member organisation of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).



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