For Peace! No to NATO!

Ever since it was created, 65 years ago, NATO has been an imperialist political-military bloc, a key element in its strategy of domination and exploitation, and of confrontation with the then USSR and socialist countries.

NATO is responsible for the unending arms race, and the USA and its allies are responsible for over two thirds of the planet’s military expenditure.

The USA and NATO countries promote the expansion of their world-wide network of military bases, and seek to extend their zones of influence.

Procliaming its overtly offensive strategic concept, NATO has extended the territorial scope of its actions of interference, aggression and occupation, thereby deepening its role as the armed wing of the big transnational monopolies.

The USA and its NATO allies are responsible for numerous crimes and great destruction, for brutal aggressions – as in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya – and interferences – as those carried out against Syria – or threats – as those against Iran.

The USA, NATO and the European Union – its European pillar – are responsible for the growing militarization of international relations and the promotion of an escalation of tension and war against the sovereignty of peoples and the independence of States, whether in the Middle East, Africa, the Far East or in Latin America.

At the time when 65 years have elapsed since the creation of NATO – in a world situation marked by the crisis of capitalism, by imperialism’s  exploitative, anti-democratic and aggressive offensive, by complex processes of realignment of forces on a world level, and by the resistance and struggle of the workers and the peoples –,



Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism, Workers Party of Belgium, Communist Party of Bangladesh, Workers Party of Bangladesh, Communist Party of Brazil, Communist Party of Britain (CPB), New Communist Party of Britain, Workers Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Communist Party of Canada, Communist Party of Chile, Socialist Workers Party of Croatia, Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic), Party of the Progressive Working People of Cyprus (AKEL), Communist Party in Denmark, Communist Party of Finland, Unified Communist Party of Georgia, German Communist Party (DKP), Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Hungarian Workers Party, Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Tudeh Party of Iran, Communist Party of Ireland, Party of the Italian Communists, Lebanese Communist Party, Communist Party of Luxembourg, Communist Party of Mexico, Popular Socialist Party, (México), Party of the People (Panamá), Palestinian Communist Party, Peruvian Communist Party, Communist Party of the Phillipines–1930, Portuguese Communist Party, South African Communist Party, Communist Party of Spain (PCE), Party of the Communists of Catalunya, Comunist Party of the Peoples of Spain, Sudanese Communist Party, Syrian Communist Party, Communist Party of Sweden, Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Communist Party of Turkey, Communist Party of Uruguay, Communist Party USA, Communist Party of Venezuela, Pole of Communist Renaissance in France, Union of the Galician People, Danish Communist Party

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