The Young Communist League gives every possible support to the No2EU election front of which the Communist Party is a leading member. We strongly support the objective of providing an “Exit Left!” vote in the 22nd of May European Elections. We will be supporting No2EU in campaigning and seek to do everything in our power to ensure the front is a great success.

You can help by campaigning in your local area and taking the communist arguments against the EU into your communities, workplaces, schools, universities and colleges. Funds are also of great importance we would encourage all comrades to give as generously as you can to the Communist Party election appeal. Read on for more details of the appeal and why all contributions are so important. Dig deep comrades. No to the EU, austerity and diktat yes to democracy, workers rights and sovereignty!

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There is every likelihood that UKIP will be the big winners in the May 22 European Parliament elections. They will capitalise on anti-EU feeling with narrow nationalistic and anti-foreigner arguments, as the Tories and BNP also try to jump on the same bandwagon.

Labour, the LibDems, Plaid Cymru and the SNP will put the best gloss on EU membership, while failing to confront the reactionary anti-EU case head on.

No party will attack the fundamentally pro-big business, anti-democratic character of the EU. Nor will the pro- and anti-EU mass media.

No party will oppose its central role in driving the austerity and privatisation offensive across Europe as the EU Commission, European Central Bank and IMF ‘troika’ impose devastating social spending cuts and mass unemployment in Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus and Portugal.

Nor will they expose the current and future impact of EU institutions and treaties on British government policy.

Only the No2EU – Yes to Workers’ Rights alliance will carry out this vital work, while also putting forward the progressive alternative. Only No2EU – Yes to Workers’ Rights will argue for Britain’s exit from the EU on the basis of public ownership, progressive taxation, controls on capital, militant trade unionism, anti-racism and international working class solidarity.

The Communist Party is playing a leading role in this alliance, alongside the RMT union, the Indian Workers Association, the Socialist Party and other left and progressive forces. Communists play a leading role in the coalition and our candidates will head some of the constituency lists.

We will be upholding the legacy of Bob Crow and Tony Benn, both of whom understood the reactionary nature of the EU and supported our campaign.


But to do this, Communist Party urgently needs at least £10,000 in order to maximise our role in the No2EU – Yes to Workers’ Rights campaign.

This will ensure that we field as many communist candidates as possible, especially in leading positions. It will also help pay for Communist Party materials on the EU which will be distributed as well as No2EU materials.

The sudden death of our great friend and comrade Bob Crow has created unforseen financial difficulties for the election campaign

We cannot afford to abandon the field to the far right, racists and fascists. It is our socialist and internationalist duty to field as many communist and No2EU candidates as possible, joining other communist parties and the people’s, left and trade union movements in other parts of Europe to expose and reject the EU.


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