Solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine

CP General Secretary Robert Griffths
CP General Secretary Robert Griffths

Robert Griffiths Communist Party General Secretary in Britain has written to the Ukrainian Communists to express solidarity and support. You can read the letter in full here:



The Communist Party of Britain expresses its solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine in its struggle to defend  the sovereignty of their country and its democratic institutions..  The Communist Party of Britain condemns the attacks on the offices and homes of members of the Communist Party of Ukraine and violence against individuals. It also condemns the motion currently before the rump Rada in Kiev that would ban the Party.
The failure of  EU leaders to uphold the 21 February Agreement on early elections has given sanction to a coup d’etat against a democratically elected government that threatens to destabilise the country and sets dangerous precedents for the future. The open involvement of US, EU and NATO leaders in the build up to the coup exposes it as part of the drive  to change the geo-political balance in Europe in ways that threaten security and peace in Europe and the World.
The Left in Britain needs to be fully aware that the two main parties that  now dominate the rump Rada, Fatherland and Sloboda, fought the last elections in an electoral alliance and that both pay tribute to Stepan Bandera who led collaboration with the Nazis and who played an active part in the destruction of Ukraine’s Jewish population in the last war.  The support accorded  to the interim government by the EU leaders will give encouragement to right-wing and fascist forces across Europe.
The Communist Party of the Ukraine has sought to defend the interests of the working people of Ukraine in face of the mass privatisation of the Ukrainean economy and its pillage by oligarch clans.  It has consistently opposed oligarch bids to seek membership of the EU including that in 2013 by Yanukovych.  The Communist Party of Britain pledges its support to the Communist Party of Ukraine in its resistance to fascism, predatory capitalism and  imperialism.”

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