The Communist Party Trade Union Coordinating Committee is convening a trade union and political cadre school for members and supporters meeting at Marx Library, in London, over the weekend of the 8/9 March. The YCL welcomes this event and it’s aims and would strongly encourage YCL members who are also active in the CP to attend.

Strengthening the communist activist base in our unions and communities is essential for effectively disseminating a Marxist analysis of the political situation, identifying and agitating on the needs of the hour and for acting as the vanguard in the broad movement.

The school is open to party members and supporters. Apply here to attend and read on to view programme. Women trade unionists are particularly encouraged to attend and on the Saturday, at the same venue, there will be an evening of entertainment, culture and politics to celebrate International Women’s Day, convened by CPs with members domiciled in Britain.


Saturday March 8 11.30 Doors open

12.00 Welcome
12.15 Labour after the Spring conference
Kevin Halpin and Carolyn Jones in conversation with Robert Griffiths
14.00 The year ahead: challenges and aspirations Discussion led by Anita Halpin
15.30 Women in our movement Liz Payne and Anita Wright
17.15 Advisory sessions

18.30 – 20.45 International Women’s Day celebration
Hosted annually by the Coordinating Committee of Communist Parties in Britain.
This year’s theme is the impact of the economic crisis and multifaceted imperialist offensive on women around the world and solidarity with their struggle. The topic was agreed at last year’s International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties and it will be the theme of many similar celebrations around the world. The London event will feature short cultural presentations from sister parties and an international rally. A finger buffet will be provided; there is no charge but there will be a collection to cover costs.

Sunday March 9
10.00 The First International (in its 150th year) and lessons for today
Harsev Bains and Mary Davis (invited)
11.30 The labour movement and the EU – how to win the argument John Foster and Alex Gordon
12.45 Campaigning for No2EU – Yes to Workers’ Rights Discussion led by Liz Payne.
13.30 Reports
14.30 Closing remarks

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