Communist Party General Secretary Rebukes Scapegoating Tactics of Politicians & Mass Media

Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths spoke out on BBC Radio Cymru yesterday against the use of ‘scapegoats’ by politicians and the mass media.
He criticised attacks on the unemployed, long-term sick, disabled and immigrant workers which falsely hold them responsible for unemployment, the public spending deficit, hospital waiting lists and Britain’s chronic housing shortage.
‘Politicians and the media prefer to turn ordinary people against each other to divert attention from the real reasons for society’s problems’, he told listeners to the Welsh language radio station.
Mr Griffiths has a weekly ‘Pause for Thought’ spot this month in which he reflects on moral and philosophical aspects of issues in the news.
Yesterday morning, he contrasted headlines about immigration in England with the lack of interest shown for the impact of wealthy incomers on local communities where the Welsh language is struggling for survival and local people are unable to afford local housing.
‘Those who so loudly warn of the supposed perils of immigration elsewhere have no intention of attacking the wealthy or the “free market” where money decides everything’, he accused.
In a similar series of broadcasts last year, Mr Griffiths condemned the BBC for systematically excluding the Morning Star from its coverage of Britain’s daily newspapers.


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