Tribute to Gerry Cohen: Communist Legend

The YCL learns with great sadness of the passing of Gerry Cohen and extends deepest sympathy to his friends and family. He will long be remembered for his contribution to the YCL, the Party, the Daily Worker and the Morning Star, the labour movement in Britain and the struggle for a socialism.  I I I […]

CP General Secretary Robert Griffths – “Socialism Does Work” at Oxford Union

Video of Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths recently speaking at the Oxford Union Debating Society arguing the case that socialism DOES work. The CP General Secretary demonstrates how proud we as communists should be of the legacy and the great achievements of the Soviet Union, and how the USSR along with the countries on the socialist […]

YCL General Secretary New Year Address

Comrades and friends, I would first like to thank the many of you who donated so generously to the YCL as part of our festive appeal. 2013 was a period of change for the YCL. Mick Carty stepped down as general secretary due to his age earlier this year, and I was elected in his […]