The Young Communist League sends comradely greetings to the workers and youth of the world on May Day 2018!International Workers’ Day is a glimpse of the socialist future. Workers everywhere, regardless of their race, nationality or language, join together to mark this day. Humanity comes together to celebrate our struggle to create a world free from the exploitation of man by man.

We take this opportunity to remember the achievements of our movement. The eight hour working day, the end of child labour, the minimum wage, trade union rights – to name but a few. We remember those who are no longer with us and who gave their all to the fight for peace and socialism. We remember the dead, but more importantly we fight for the living.

In 2018 the struggle is at a crucial point both in Britain and internationally.

In Britain we face a Tory government which has no shame in pushing through brutal austerity which is killing the most vulnerable in our society and robbing our generation of a future. Socialists must unite and fight to remove this unelected anti-worker government and guarantee a complete break from the anti-democratic, pro-business EU.

Globally, humanity stands on the precipice. From Eastern Europe and the Middle East to the South China Sea, NATO and Trump’s USA seek to make war and sow ethnic and religious conflict wherever it suits their interests. The world is as close as it has been for many decades to nuclear war. Communists and the international labour movement must lead the fight for peace and nuclear disarmament.

The situation is perilous but there are many reasons to be hopeful.

For the first time since the destruction of the Soviet Union and in our lifetimes the world communist movement is once again on the front foot and on the march. Revolution, not reform. Workers’ state power is our goal. A new generation of British workers flock to the banner of communism, the finest cause in all the world – the liberation of humankind.

The world celebrates today and prepares for tomorrow’s fight.

The past we inherit – the future we build!

Lenin! Party! YCL!

Peace and Socialism!

Executive Committee

Young Communist League

1 May 2018

London, Britain