Rebuilding the YCL in East Anglia
Rebuilding the YCL in East Anglia

January saw the first meeting of the YCL in Eastern England in 2015, the early beginnings of regenerating an active and visible YCL presence in the area.

At the meeting in Colchester the district decided upon its course of action; to grow and strengthen the movement by the combined activities of recruitment and education; and identifying anti-fascist and anti-austerity activity as a first priority.

Future activities were discussed with plans for public works and public meetings in the very near future.

The district covers the East Anglian counties of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, and will be working in local CP branches which have been active in the area for decades.

Those interested in getting involved with the movement can contact for more information. We look forward to welcoming more members into the organisation to unite the working-class youth in its struggle against Capitalism.

Onwards Comrades!

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