mu00E9xico_2 inglesStatement from the World Federation of Democratic Youth in Solidarity with the Student Movement in Mexico.

The militancy of the student movement in Latin America and vocation of art has had memorable milestones that have defined an established history of popular struggles, especially those related to democratization, free and qualitative education. At any point of the continent, young people received the same response from the oppressor’s terror and repression; actions orchestrated between criminal and operators of imperialism to halt the advance of popular organization.

In the late 60s, before the rise of revolutionary momentum prevailing within the student movement, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank guidelines ordered educational reforms implemented by the servile governments of the region to undermine the struggle for the transformation of education system and thus subordinate the universities and schools to the interests of the big monopolies. It was a policy of detente quality of education and its privatization; depoliticization of the curriculum and the training of professionals outside the reality of peoples today, when the crisis of capitalism snatches fundamental rights of the working class and working people worldwide in order to save their profit rate, and the stability and profitability of the monopolies, on the same time the students of Mexico have chosen the path of struggle out on the roads and the streets to demand qualitative education and to serve the people.

Again the response was terror and repression, imperialism ─ and the bourgeoisie subordinated to their intereses─ attempts to criminalize social protest in order to reduce levels of inherent contempt of Latin American youth; with courage and dignity raise the banner of anti-imperialist struggle; for Socialism and the right to education for liberation and transformation. On September 26th, 43 students of the Normal School Isidro Burgos Rural Ayotzinapa were kidnapped by Mexican state agencies. This crime against humanity was preceded by mass protests against a reform imposed Polytechnics.

The brutality of the repressive forces of the Mexican state of impunity that protects the activities of mercenaries and paramilitary groups and the complicity of all state structures that defender of the interests of the bourgeoisie clearly demonstrate that there is fear about the permanent social mobilization the popular forces.

Against this horrific event, the youths of the continent and the world condemn in the strongest manner the kidnapping of 43 normalistas Ayotzinapa and the recent arrests of the youth leaders. We demand that students appear alive and responsible to the government of Enrique Peña Nieto as visible prevailing terrorist Mexico State head.

The youths reaffirm our solidarity with the struggle of anti-imperialist youth movement in Mexico and we call on all political and social mobilization and ongoing turmoil in the street forces. We are confident that the bullets will not silence the thousands of voices around the world calling for a free, sovereign and Ayotzinapa your struggle is the struggle of youth and students worldwide.

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