Statement from the Syrian Communist Party, fraternal party to the Communist Party of Britain through the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, on imperialist intervention in Syria

Statement of Syrian Communist Party

In the early morning of September 23, 2014, US imperialism with its allies and agents began hostility armed actions on the territories of Syrian Arab Republic. These actions are flagrant violation of international law that prevents the violation of independent state national sovereignty. The hostility actions are going on under pretext of fighting terrorist organizations. The same organisations which were created in the laboratories of imperialist intelligence circles, specially the British and US intelligence agencies, with active contribution of Zionist circles, in purpose to create a pretext for global imperialist intervention and aggression against countries of region, specially Syria due to Syria position against imperialist and Zionist hegemony, which our people sacrifices for protecting it.

The experience of our people and the peoples of world absolutely proves no confidence of imperialism and its head US imperialism, the head of terrorism in the world. He is mentally ill who supposes to neutralise USA, because it’s the main enemy of our people and the national liberation way of our homeland, as well as the freedom of peoples of whole world.

Syrian Communist Party call all patriots in Syria to defend the homeland, protect national sovereignty and be aware of imperialist conspiracies and tricks. All pretexts of US imperialism, even the fighting terrorism, cannot justify national sovereignty violation. Our people is struggling bravely the terrorist gangs, winning good position in fighting and the brave Syrian army depending upon the support of people mass defeats obscurantist terrorist gangs as per the last development confirmed it, therefore the imperialist circles pushed to speed up the aggressive steps toward Syria.

The Syrian people will fight, as he did in the past, and will resist courageously any aggression against national independence and dignity.The victory is ours.

We re-confirm that the stronghold is not just duty but it’s also probable and homeland is first and above any consideration.

Syria will not kneel down.

Damascus, September 24, 2014.

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