The Young Communist League launched a successful recruitment campaign in London yesterday (22nd July), with a look to future campaigning against fascism and winning young people to socialism.

Members and prospective members of the league’s London Branch met at the famous Marx Memorial Library and were given a tour of the working class facility including where Lenin studied and edited Iskra during exile.

The YCL has recently affiliated to the Solidarity with Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine in opposition to the fascist coup and will be attending a demonstration outside the Ukrainian Embassy tonight (23rd July) in protest at the escalating violence by Kiev towards its’ people in the East of the country.

YCL London members’ who attended the anti-fascist mobilisation in Cricklewood at the weekend which stopped the far right South East Alliance marching through the multi-cultural area, said it would be one of many demonstrations to come in opposing the fascist threat in the capital.

Keep checking YCL London Facebook for regular updates and how you can get involved.

The future belongs to the youth and the future is SOCIALISM.

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