Video of Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths recently speaking at the Oxford Union Debating Society arguing the case that socialism DOES work.

The CP General Secretary demonstrates how proud we as communists should be of the legacy and the great achievements of the Soviet Union, and how the USSR along with the countries on the socialist path which exist today, such as China and Cuba among others, provide invaluable examples of the practical successes and lessons of building socialism. He smashes the idea that socialism doesn’t work, but that it is socialism which is the answer to the scourge on humanity that is the capitalist system.

If you [believe socialism does not work] you are declaring no confidence in your ability, and that of future generations, to progress beyond the selfish, corrupt and wasteful system that is capitalism. You’re saying that we human beings are incapable of planning collectively and democratically . . . we’re incapable of planning a fairer cleaner more sustainable society. You’re abandoning the world and it’s resources to the giant energy and food, and pharmaceutical and armaments and fianancial corporations. And future generations will look back with disbelief that you could be so lacking of vision and so devoid of confidence in humanity”

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