The Executive Committee of the Young Communist League released the following statement to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020.

Today the YCL reiterates our unequivocal opposition to transphobia and all forms of discrimination afflicting our society today.

For Britain’s ruling class and for capitalism, discrimination and prejudice are useful tools to divide and distract working people.

Discrimination and intolerance are inseparably and intrinsically linked with capitalism itself.

On 20 November we condemn transphobia in our society, express our solidarity with those facing discrimination, and remembers those killed because of transphobia.

As well as violence and discrimination, transgender young people face some of the worst realities in terms of education, housing, health and employment.

For many young people and for society, transgenderism may be a new and not fully understood experience.

Britain’s young communists are calling for:

Transphobia continues to be a sad indictment on our society, particularly affecting many young people in Britain, and only the working class can lead the struggle against it.

No to discrimination! Yes to LGBT+ rights!
Not one more death!

Executive Committee
Young Communist League

20 November 2020
London, Britain