A special webinar hosted by the Young Communist League of Britain:

IMPERIALISM, and how the youth can organise and fight back! 👊 🇱🇧 🌐

From the West to the Middle East, from Bolivia to Britain, imperialism is the ever present threat hanging over the lives of young workers all over the world.

It is a world characterised by the international domination of financial firms and monopolies, attacks and manipulation by the EU, NATO, the IMF and other imperialist institutions, and hunger for profits at the expense of the people.

On Saturday 31 October, join our fantastic panel of speakers for a discussion of how the youth can organise and fight back against the imperialist order, at home and abroad.

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These speakers have extensive practical experience of the struggle against imperialism. The World Federation of Democratic Youth, of which the YCL is an affiliate, has organised solidarity missions to Palestine, Syria, Venezuela and Western Sahara in recent years.

You will also hear a first hand report back on the aid work carried out by our sister organisation ULDY in Beirut, Lebanon after the port explosion that devastated the lives of many people in the nation’s capital.

Throughout August up to September 2020, the YCL led an appeal that raised over $3,000 USD for the essential aid work of our sister organisation, the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth.

This was part of an international campaign sponsored by the World Federation of Democratic Youth in solidarity with the people of Lebanon.

After the explosion at the port of Beirut that left many dead and wounded and 300,000 people displaced, ULDY has been on the front lines of heroic search and rescue, unblocking rubble filled roads, rebuilding the homes destroyed by the tragic explosion, and housing and feeding the homeless and other people facing social and economic deprivation, whether caused by the explosion or the economic crisis in Lebanon.

Our appeal could not have been so successful without the generosity and publicity of our friends and supporters, including the Morning Star who published our interview with Adnan, President of the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth, on the crisis in Beirut.

We raised awareness in our communities by talking to people and putting up posters, and some of our kind donors, including small local businesses, received certificates to thank them for their solidarity.

Our original goal of £1,000 for the aid work appeal was smashed in a matter of a few days, in the end reaching a total of almost £2,500.

Adnan, President of ULDY, sent this thank you message to our donors and supporters:

“Greetings from Beirut!

“On behalf of ULDY members and volunteers we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your generous donations and solidarity.

“The tragic Beirut blast resulted in more than 160 killed, 6000 injured and 300,000 dislocated families whose houses were damaged.

“Your donations help our volunteers support families and individuals in need.

“Our work is mainly focused on on-field support starting with clearing the rubble from the streets, and from the damaged houses, we were also particularly active in closing windows and doors that were shattered due to the blast.

“Meanwhile, our volunteers provided food, baby products, hygiene products, and medicine for families and individuals in needs.

“We also collaborated with medical organisation Secours Populaire Libanais in particular, to bring in the injured for medical and health care.

“On another level, we accommodated at the ULDY centre people who were displaced, particularly workers and families from the Sudanese community who are less fortunate and were neglected from the Lebanese authorities and most of the volunteering groups.

“The last 11 months have been particularly difficult in Lebanon. Starting with a major economic collapse that has emerged in October 2019, followed by the Coronavirus epidemic, worsening the economic crisis leaving around 50% of the population below the poverty line and lastly the catastrophic blast.

“All throughout this time, ULDY volunteers have been continuously supporting people in need on different levels.

“Without these donations, we would lack the tools to continue to aid people in need in our country.

“Your support makes a big difference.

“Thank you!”

Our comrades in Lebanon are a shining example of what work political organisations should be doing and we are proud to have put together this appeal, and proud of all the friends and comrades who have donated and spread the word.

All of our donors and supporters are warmly invited to this free special webinar on Saturday 31 October to hear first hand what their solidarity with the people and youth of Lebanon has achieved, and furthermore, what we can do to deepen our international solidarity and fight back against the imperialist order.

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Thank you,

Robin Talbot

Chair and International Officer

Young Communist League of Britain