The Executive Committee of the Young Communist League has released the following statement to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2019.

On 27 January we remember the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet Red Army, on this day in 1945.

We remember the countless ordinary people, victims of the Nazi death machine.

We remember the brave ordinary people who were freedom fighters.

Throughout Europe the working people made unimaginable sacrifices to stand against Nazi-fascism, even under conditions of occupation and invasion, from Bulgaria to Britain.

In Britain we faced starvation and ruin, but our people tirelessly put out the fires and resisted until the Nazi beast was stopped dead in its tracks.

Jews, gypsies, the disabled, ethnic minorities, LGBT, Communists, socialists and trade unionists were rounded up. Those who were not tortured, gassed, beheaded and shot were worked to death in the slave labour of giant German corporations like Siemens.

Today not only do we remember the millions of those murdered and those who fought for them.

We remember that the resolve of all decent, democratic and peace-loving people was that never again would we allow such a bloodbath.

It was a capitalist crisis, and banks and corporations, even British ones, that fed and led the Nazi Party to power in Germany in spite of the horrific consequences.

It is capitalism today that feeds the rise of far-right forces in austerity and economic crisis, with EU, US and British imperialism using them as proxies.

Not only is it the people who will suffer the consequences of this madness if it is allowed to pass once again.

It is the people who united must stand against racism and fascism in all their forms, and build a better world, one that honours the memory of those killed in war, by Nazi-fascism and the Holocaust.

In their memory, we say

No Pasaran!

Fascism will not pass again!

Executive Committee
Young Communist League

27 January 2019
London, Britain