New YCL Executive Committee

Following the conclusion of our very successful 49th All-Britain Congress, the Young Communist League is pleased to announce the members and officerships of our new Executive Committee.

Our 49th Congress on 24 November 2018 elected a new Executive Committee to carry out its decisions, policies and priorities over the next two years.

Congress is the supreme democratic decision making body of the YCL. The Executive Committee is tasked with putting the resolutions of Congress into practice between now and the next Congress.

The following comrades were elected to the Executive Committee at Congress:

  • Owain Holland
  • Johnnie Hunter
  • James McLelland
  • Holly Morcos
  • Julio Romero
  • Gary Steele
  • Robin Talbot
  • Peter Stoddart

The new Executive Committee held its first meeting on 20 December 2018. As its first task the Executive Committee elected new officers to serve the League in carrying out the decisions of Congress. The following comrades were elected to the positions below:

  • General Secretary – Johnnie Hunter
  • Chair – Robin Talbot
  • Treasurer – Peter Ward-Stoddart
  • Industrial Officer – Owain Holland
  • Women’s Officer – Holly Morcos
  • International Officer – Robin Talbot
  • AgitProp Officer – James McLelland
  • Anti-Fascism/Anti-Racism Officer – Gary Steele
  • Challenge Editor – Johnnie Hunter
  • Student Officer – Peter Stoddart
  • Marxist-Leninist Education Officer – Julio Romero

The new Executive Committee took the opportunity to thank Congress and the entire membership of the League for the trust and faith that has been placed in them. The Executive Committee promised to do their utmost to carry out their duties with the energy and diligence expected of members of the Young Communist League.

In-depth introductions to each of the new Executive Committee members will be published in the coming weeks and in the January 2019 edition of Challenge.

The final Resolutions from the League’s 49th Congress will be published in January 2019.

The 2019 New Year’s Address of the League’s new General Secretary, Johnnie Hunter, will be published in the coming days.

For peace, jobs and socialism!

In comradeship

Executive Committee

Young Communist League

29 December 2018

London, Britain