Statement from the World Federation of Democratic Youth on recent developments in Syria. The YCL is a founder member of WFDY.

The escalation of security and military tensions in the world seems to continue. In particular in the Middle East and especially in Syria which is facing the brutality of imperialism since 2011, which claims the lives of thousands of martyrs and wounded along with massive destruction of infrastructure and historical monuments of the human civilization as a whole. Further, hundreds and thousands of civilians, of women and children lost their lives by being targeted by the war powers.
The World Federation of Democratic Youth confirms, as it previously stressed, the necessity of the political solution away from war and imperialist interventions. In favour of peace, WFDY supports the immediate ceasefire in Syria from all the sides. The national negotiations away from war and foreign interventions will serve the Syrian people and transform the Syrian political arena to the launch of a peaceful democratic process which is the way to get out of the explosive contradictions. A future away from war and imperialism will only ensure the unity and the prosperity of the Syrian people against the proposals of division that the imperialists are trying to impose.
In support of peace and ceasefire in Syria!

On behalf of WFDY

The HQ, Budapest

February 27th, 2018