A national demonstration has been called for Saturday 4 March 2017 in London to protect the NHS against Tory cuts and the privateer vultures circling our National Health Service.

Support for this Saturday’s #ourNHS demonstration in London is of the utmost importance for the Communist Party and the Young Communist League.

We need a maximum turn out so that we can show Theresa May and her tiny majority Tory Government that the peoples of Britain won’t stand for cuts and privatisation.

We need a strong turn out of YCLers as a practical demonstration that Communists will always be on the front line during attacks on our class – so make sure you march with the Party and the YCL in the Red Bloc!

Help will be needed with the distribution of Unity! and the Morning Star. We will also require a visible presence at stalls and carrying banners. We call on all comrades to make every possible effort to support both the demonstration and the Party and the YCL. Please contact central office to alert us of your availability as a volunteer on the day.

We will be assembling at Tavistock Square from 11am onwards. Volunteers need to make sure they arrive as early as possible. The nearest tube stations are Russell Square or Euston.

If you can be there on March 4th and want to know about linking up with YCL comrades email office@ycl.org.uk

If you are travelling by organised transport do ensure to order the Morning Star for distribution.

Join the Facebook event here.

March against cuts and privatisation – march for #ourNHS!

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