On the evening of Saturday 20 February, the YCL London District staged a film screening at the Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell featuring discussion from a Venezuelan Embassy speaker.

Young Communists in London held a successful film screening of War on Democracy, by award-winning filmmaker John Pilger, followed by a discussion on recent events led by a Venezuelan speaker. Youngsters from across the capital attended the event, held at the historic Marx Memorial Library, to find out more about the state of Latin America and the leftist revolutions in the region, which are facing a period of crisis.

YCL refreshments
The new edition of Challenge, brownies, drinks and even cigars were for sale, raising essential funds for future Communist activity

The revealing documentary details the numerous atrocities and attempts at intervention committed by US imperialism, and was followed by a question and answer session led by Marcos Garcia, First Secretary at the Venezuelan Embassy in London.

Discussion on subjects such as the ongoing economic war, the ‘soft-coup’ approach of US interventionism, the manipulation of international oil prices, among others, were well received, with those attending gaining a greater understanding of the region and its fight against the dominance of capitalism.

Despite the US sponsored troubles in Venezuela and beyond, the YCL continues to believe in the Bolivarian Revolution begun by the great Hugo Chavez, and reaffirms its commitment to providing solidarity with Venezuela’s people and government.

Present day Venezuela provides a lesson in what can happen when US imperialism retaliates to a perceived loss of power in its former back yard, and the struggle of the people. YCL members in the capital came away from the event firm in the conviction that the revolution led by Maduro provides an inspiring alternative to the reactionary nature of our governments.

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