Today March 5th marks the second anniversary of the passing of comrade Hugo Chavez. The YCL commemorates this occasion by stating that the Comandante will always be fondly remembered by everyone in our organisation and millions of socialists and freedom fighters around the world.

His voice was, and continues to be, the voice of hope and inspiration for our generation, showing us that the construction of socialism can and must take place all around the world. The advances that the Bolivarian Revolution has achieved in Venezuela are truly staggering and we stand alongside the fight that Chavez started, and which Maduro is continuing. We stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela, who face an economic war waged by the right and its imperialist backers, as well as numerous attempts to destabilise the political order of the country. We must make sure that Chavez’s legacy is not confined to a small footnote in a history book, but a crucial chapter in the liberation of humankind.

Viva Marx! Viva Lenin! Viva Castro! Viva Chavez!

Executive Committee,
Young Communist League

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