Of the YCL, the CP, supporters of the working class and communist movement,

I would like to wish everyone an enjoyable festive period as we come towards the end of 2014. Although we are an organisation guided by dialectical materialism – we appreciate that most people whether of faith or indeed without celebrate during the festive period in one way or another! This year has been an important and demanding one for our class and our movement.

As was recognised at our 47th Congress over the weekend, the YCL has made important advances in this past year as we continue moving from strength to strength. This current ruling class offensive has continued and developed, and strides have been made towards a broad-based popular resistance. Despite this the working class movement in this country continues to struggle on the defensive under an unfavourable balance of forces.

It is during historical episodes such as this that the role of communists is most essential. We must stand as the force uniting the working class for victory in the present struggle whilst always looking forward, guided by Marxism-Leninism, to the future and historical goals of our class and communist movement.

The YCL alongside the party has thrust itself into this present struggle as best our size and influence permits. Important lessons have been learned and we can be proud of the part we are currently playing, but always seek to strive further and greater than ever before. It is in the fire of the present struggle that the next generation of Britain’s communists will be forged, and this will be the end product of the YCL; more efficient, developed and disciplined communist cadres than ever before.

We are at an important stage in our organisations history, the YCL is growing and becoming stronger day by day. As general secretary I plan to continue and consolidate our advances and envisage 2015 as being yet another year of expansion and struggle for the YCL.

Our Congress laid out, after much comradely debate and discussion, our plans and priorities for 2015 and beyond. We have an ambitious vision for increasing communist influence in the labour and trade union movement; increasing the quality, regularity and circulation of challenge; and facilitating more and more YCL Branches springing up across the country.

As always this will demand the time and dedication of comrades, and funds. The YCL is financially independent and all our funding is from members dues, which we seek to keep as low as possible, and kind donations from members and supporters.

As general secretary I am calling on YCL and CP members, and indeed supporters in general, to donate to the YCL over the festive period. With increased funds we can continue our growth and fight against this barbarous ruling class attack in a more concerted way. I can pledge that all donations will be spent effectively, building the YCL and campaigning at a local, national and international level.

Please think of the YCL generously comrades and give whatever you can afford-  £1, £5, £10, £20 or more! Do your part in building Britain’s largest and fastest growing revolutionary youth organisation – for peace and socialism in our lifetime!

Zoe Hennessy,
YCL General Secretary

The easiest way to donate is via paypal, there is a link below and on the side bar.
Otherwise, cheques can be made payable to Young Communist League and sent to Young Communist League, Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Rd London, CR0 1BD

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