Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth on the developments in Iraq and their consequences in the Middle East.

The tragedy in Iraq continues as imperialism generated forces attacking the Iraqi people that are already exhausted by imperialist violence against them. Thousands of Iraqis (soldiers and civilians) are killed by the reactionary organization self proclaimed as the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”. Tens of thousands are under the mercy of reaction and fascism of these fundamentalist groups.

While Iraq didn’t recover from the US occupation and the following political dependency, economic and social marginalization, and sectarian division by the successive governments, the reactionary groups of the “Islamic state of Iraq and Levant” (“ISIL) invaded the country the past couple of weeks. The fundamentalists are forcing their presence by marking houses labeling their owners religion or social group, by looting the areas they conquer and taking young women as trophies, destroying items of cultural significance, imposing reactionary rules on people’s behavior and personality and also with mass executions. “ISIL” invaded Iraq having as an ally the tolerance and acceptance from the imperialist countries that supported these groups and strengthened them in Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq in the past years.

The origin of the rise of these groups can be found in the support of imperialist powers, represented by USA, EU, and their allies in the region, in an attempt of re-arrangement Middle East (The Great Middle East plan) but also in the regimes that facilitated in their political and economic margins, the presence of these groups.

These groups where used by imperialism in their plans. Now they are forming a danger of the future of the peoples of Middle East. The play that developed in Iraq is capable of spreading to other Arabic countries, with the example with what is happening in Lebanon and Libya once again in the past few days, but of course what continuous in Syria. It can spread around the region with the same destructive fascist ideology that can drown these countries, their peoples and their culture into reactionary darkness. In addition it will block the efforts of people to rise against imperialism, and its depended regimes that are constantly jeopardizing the future of the peoples.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth denounces the massacres done by the “Islamic country of Iraq and Sham”. We denounce the imperialist interventions in the region of Middle East and North Africa, and the imperialist attacks through occupation, political and economic impositions, and support of fascist groups. Imperialism and its results attack the struggle of youth and peoples of the region for liberation from dependency and occupation, they attach the struggle towards a society of social justice that protects the rights of its working and popular strata.

WFDY calls the progressive youth to struggle against the fascist groups and all that hinders their struggle, progress, and liberation from dependency, reaction, and occupation. As well as, stresses on the importance of the unity of Iraqi peoples in facing fascism, sectarian division, and economic and social marginalization.

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