Visions of Communism


A well as subscribing to the YCL magazine Challenge we recommend the Communist Party’s own theoretical journal Communist Review.

The latest issue of CR kicks off a regular series looking at what a Communist Britain might look like!

Contents of CR no. 71 Spring 2014

  • COVER STORY – Tomorrow may not be the same by Mike Quille; and Building Jerusalem: Visions of housing in a Communist Society Q&A with Chris Guiton
  • The Struggle for Radical Transformation – Key Challenge of Our Time by Aluta Msebenzi
  • Britain’s Overseas Territories – where British and US imperialisms meet
  • The Korean Ideology: Marxism and Juche, Part 2 by Kenny Coyle
  • Book Reviews: Notoriously Militant – The Story of a Union Branch by Sheila Cohen review by Graham Stevenson
  • Lenin Revisited by Zhang Yibing review by Martin Levy.

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