Johnnie Hunter YCL Scotland Organiser
Johnnie Hunter YCL Scotland Organiser


Our nation - work to be done!
Our nation – work to be done!


I am very pleased to see the launching of this website dedicated to reporting on the YCL in Scotland, our work, our news and our analysis of the current political situation as it unfolds and as it looks to develop.

It has been a long time coming. We have gone from strength to strength over 2013. 2014 looks to be a decisive year for our organisation, and for the class struggle within Scotland and within the UK.

We have done much we can be proud of over recent months. Admittedly we are not always the best at publicising our on going public work. We acknowledge the decisive role will not be played on the internet but by taking our politics and class analysis into the communities in which we live and in which our branches are founded.

YCL at Glasgow Mayday
YCL at Glasgow Mayday

This is our focus for 2014 – strengthening and building our existing branches and extending the reach of the YCL across Scotland. Our current work, in terms of stalls, leafleting, student work and public meetings within our on going national speaking tour demonstrate that the youth of today are receptive to communist class politics. Thus it is up to us to continue to make inroads in all aspects of our work as disciplined communists.

This website will be just one aspect of this ongoing effort. It will provide us the opportunity to exhibit the true extent of our public work and reach and ever greater audience with our politics.

Strength in our theory - strength in our practice!
Strength in our theory – strength in our practice!

It is a further advance in our struggle to reignite the flame of communist politics in the youth of Scotland and the UK generally. Another world is possible comrades and we proudly place ourselves at the forefront of the struggle for it!

In comradeship,

Johnnie Hunter
YCL Scotland Organiser.

New YCL Scotland Website

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