Statement of World Federation of Democratic Youth on the Developments in Ukraine

Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) on the developments in Ukraine 05/03/2013 These past months the international anti-imperialist movement has been watching closely the dangerous developments that are taking place in Ukraine and the power struggle among imperialism that has been leading the Ukrainian people down a dangerous path. In the past few days […]

YCL General Secretary’s Statement on the First Anniversary of the Death of Chávez

This statement from YCL General Secretary Zoe Hennessy on today, March the 5th, marks the first anniversary since the passing of Hugo Chavez. Under Chavez’s presidency, the Bolivarian revolution brought significant advances for the majority of poor people living in Venezuela, who had previously been ignored and oppressed by the ruling elite. Wealth from Venezuela’s oil economy […]

Solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine

Robert Griffiths Communist Party General Secretary in Britain has written to the Ukrainian Communists to express solidarity and support. You can read the letter in full here: l SOLIDARITY WITH THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF UKRAINE The Communist Party of Britain expresses its solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine in its struggle to defend  the […]

Ukraine: Alarm Bells Ring Out Across Europe as Fascism Rears it’s Ugly Head

The issues behind the protests that have brought Ukraine to the brink of civil war remain, writes John Foster CP International Secretary in the Morning Star. Alongside long-standing divisions in the country itself it has become a battleground for outside powers. “Ceding Ukraine to Moscow could turn into a broader undermining of Western credibility,” an […]

Communist Party Of Ukraine: How to Save Ukraine from Civil War

The following statement is from the Press Office of the Communist Party of Ukraine. The YCL expresses our solidarity with the Communist Party of the Ukraine and the Ukrainian  people. We oppose the meddling of the EU and the USA in the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation. Please see the original statement here. The […]

Prospects For Nuclear Disarmament In Britain

Alan Mackinnon, secretary of Scottish CND & Scottish Committee member of the Communist Party, argues that the campaign to reject Trident needs to keep up the pressure both north and south of the border in 2014. This article first appeared in the Morning Star 20/01/2014. Last month a report from the House of Commons defence select committee highlighted the stark […]

Communist Party of the Philippines statement on typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) calls on the entire Filipino people, including those overseas, to mobilize and generate the maximum possible emergency funds and supplies for the victims of the recent supertyphoon Yoland (international name Haiyan). An estimated nine million people, or 10% of the entire Filipino population suffered the wrath of the […]