Communists Call for a Federal Britain

The Scottish referendum campaign and result have shown why we need to move towards a progressive, democratic, federal system for the nations of Britain

Rallying for a New Start for Politics in Scotland

The outcome of the referendum on independence places a very heavy responsibility on all those committed to the cause of social justice and of the advance to socialism, writes Tommy Morrison, Scottish Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain

Vote NO on the 18th!

Scotland beware the poisoned chalice of false independence!” Chair of the Communist Party, Bill Greenshields, warns the promise of false independence is a trap that will weaken working-class unity.

What’s In A Yes Vote For Scottish Youth?

Writing in Britain’s socialist daily the Morning Star, Young Communist League General Secretary Zoe Hennessy argues independence is dead end for Scottish youth and workers. This article first featured in the Morning Star 12/08/2014

Communist Party Scottish Secretary on Scotland’s Choice

Tommy Morrison, Scottish Secretary of the Communist Party outlines the choices facing workers in the independence referendum which takes place on 18th September 2014. Currently the polls are very close.  If there is a Yes vote, Scotland will separate in less than two years time, March 2016.  At this point Scottish MPs will leave Westminster. […]

The Big EU Jobs Lie

No2EU London candidate Alex Gordon exposes the reality behind claims that 3.5 million jobs will disappear unless Britain remains locked into the European Union. This article first appeared in the Morning Star 02/04/2014 The popularity of the European Union, not only in Britain but among citizens of every member state, is collapsing. Eurobarometer, the EU’s own polling […]

Communists – Home and Abroad Taking on the EU

Britain’s communists will launch an all-out effort to help put the left and progressive case against EU membership over the coming seven weeks. l The Communist Party’s political committee decided on Wednesday evening to make the forthcomingEuropean Parliament election campaign a top priority in tribute to Bob Crow, former RMT general secretary and leader of […]

22nd May: Why you should vote No2EU!

The late great Bob Crow explains why YOU should vote No2EU in this years European elections. This article first appeared in the Morning Star. On May 22 we are asking you to lend us your vote and back No2EU: Yes to Workers’ Rights, an electoral coalition that supports workers’ rights, decent public services and peace. The European […]

Communist Party Scotland Statement on Scottish Independence

From Communist Party Scottish Executive Committee 4th March 2014. As agreed by Communist Party Scottish Committee. The Scottish Committee of the CPB defends the right of nations to self-determination and condemns the Coalition government for its threats of non-cooperation.  If a majority of the Scottish people vote for independence in the 2014 referendum, then their […]