No2EU: Yes to workers’ rights Gears Up for May European Elections

The No2EU campaign, which the Communist Party is a member of and which the YCL supports, is gearing up for the EU elections this coming May. It has published a a useful short pamphlet summarising its arguments with an introduction by RMT general secretary Bob Crow He writes that  25 years after then European Commission president Jacques […]

Student Protests at Birmingham University

The YCL expresses solidarity and support to those students in Birmingham & putting themselves at the forefront of the struggle against the cuts & attempts at ever increasing privatisation of our education system. The YCL condemns the deep impact which this government’s ideologically motivated austerity is having upon our education system particularly university, college and […]

No2EU Pours Scorn Over Osborne’s Empty EU Threats

Tory threats to leave the authoritarian neoliberal bloc are “hogwash”. This article first appeared as a feature in the Morning Star 16/01/2014. Chancellor George Osborne raised the prospect of Britain leaving the European Union yesterday if the 28-nation bloc fails to undertake fundamental reforms. Mr Osborne said more needed to be done to improve competitiveness, create jobs and […]

Support the December 3rd UK Universities Strike

The YCL once again calls on all students across the UK to support the strike action called by UCU, UNISON, EIS and Unite for today 3rd of December. The YCL welcomed the good turnout for striking workers and was particularly heartened by the broad and widespread support from students for the strike action on the […]

Scotland Needs Socialism: Scottish Independence?

[youtube=] “Scotland Needs Socialism” from the YCL Scottish Independence: A Communist Perspective speaking tour. Filmed Thursday the 14th of November 2013 at 7pm in Pollokshields Burgh Hall, Glasgow. The YCL meeting focuses on the need for a revolutionary transformation of society in the context of the world today and Scotland in particular. The speaker is […]

The EU is an enemy of fair taxation

Chair of the No2EU trade union information group and former RMT President Alex Gordon explains how the EU’s treaties enshrine rules to let companies dodge their fair share of tax. This article was first published in the Morning Star 18/11/2013. It is a fundamental function of states to levy taxes on economic activities within their borders. […]

Public Meeting: Scotland Needs Socialism

The next date in the ongoing YCL Scotland speaking tour “Scottish Independence: A Communist Perspective” will be Thursday the 14th of November 2013 at 7pm in Pollokshields Burgh Hall, Glasgow. The meeting is entitled “Scotland Needs Socialism” and will focus on the need for a revolutionary transformation of society in the context of the world today […]

The anti-worker nature of the EU

The argument surrounding British involvement in the EU is fast becoming a main political topic in British politics, only behind the Coalition government’s austerity plan and the debate surrounding Scottish Independence on the political agenda.  However, the extent to which the EU plays in the government’s austerity plans and what involvement it may have in […]