The Young Communist League has issued a statement on the sickening refusal by the government to guarantee free school meals during holidays until next Easter.

The Young Communist League condemns the shameful move in the House of Commons by the Conservative Party which saw them vote on mass to reject an opposition motion which would have guaranteed free school meals to over an estimated 2.2 million children from some of the worst off families in England during the holidays.

It would be a mistake however to think that this is a blip or an out of character move from Johnson, Sunak and the Tories. This is part and parcel of Tory anti-working class policy. This is the same party which has mercilessly enforced its right-wing austerity on Britain for over a decade now. The same party which has created the conditions where 1 in 4 children in this country grow up in poverty.

Well over an estimated 25% of state-educated pupils and their families will go hungry or live in hardship as a result of this criminal decision.

The money is there. Both the Scottish and Welsh governments have made available funding to provide meals over the holiday period. The amount that this would cost in England is nothing compared to the amounts that have been squandered on the £12 billion track and trace system that doesn’t work – that is now in its worst performing week – or the hundreds of millions being handed out in government contracts to dodgy firms ran by friends of Dominic Cummings and the Tory cabinet.

This should be a wake up call to anyone who had illusions about the priorities of the government during this pandemic. For them, it has always been about ensuring corrupt corporate handouts keep flowing while the youth, working people and their families are left destitute.

This move is a sign of things to come as the Tories work to enforce even harsher austerity after the pandemic ends.

Britain’s young communists are calling for:

No Tory austerity and corruption!

Fight for a dignified life for Britain’s youth!

Executive Committee
Young Communist League

22 October 2020
London, Britain